Register Now for the 3rd Annual Immersive Learning Conference & Symposium!

January 27-30, 2014
Location: Charleston, South Carolina 

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Charleston – Historic District
Pre-Conference Workshops: January 27-28, 2014
Conference & Symposium: January 29-30, 2014 

Contact Us: Toll Free – (877) 265-2170 (option 1)

The cornerstone of the ILU will be the first of its kind, Immersive Learning Simulation Design Certificate (ILSD) program. The ILU is partnering with Harrisburg University, and their depth and expertise in Learning Technologies, to provide the ILSD Certificate upon completing a blended and comprehensive learning curriculum. Much of the content will be derived from HU’s library of modules in their Learning Technologies Master of Science graduate program. The ILU enables Nexlearn to harness our decades of experience and expertise in designing and developing complex branching simulations with Harrisburg University’s deep expertise in Learning Technologies and Learning Design for all levels of participants in private and public sector organizations as well educational environments.

The two-day main conference is designed to help participants learn about immersive learning at several levels—from practical, nuts-and-bolts wisdom about how to design and deliver simulations and other immersive learning to scientific research-based conceptual wisdom on immersive-learning design to ideas about how to manage the ethics of immersive learning.

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The Immersive Learning Design Certificate is a function of 3 branches:

  • Planning for Immersive Learning
  • Executing Immersive Learning
  • Implementing and Evaluating Immersive Learning

Each branch is made up of:

  • A series of Synchronous sessions
  • A series of online Immersive Learning/eLearning modules

Note that:

  • Each branch will have its own project
  • A final project will encompass the branch projects

The Immersive Learning Design Certificate is accredited by Harrisburg University through their Learning Technology Master of Science Graduate program. To achieve certification, students must complete all 3 branches and the ILD Certification project (total of 100 hours of student time). Students will be able to access individual learning modules and/or participate in face-to-face workshops. Organizations will also have the option of scheduling focused programs for their teams covering specific elements of the curriculum.

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