Design Thinking – Breaking The Mold

Today’s post is a follow up to my post of last week, Teaching Methods: East vs. West

I believe we are long overdue for a change in philosophy when it comes to the education of our children here in the U.S. This strongly held belief comes as a result of my own personal experience as a student in the public school system and again re-emerged many years later when as a parent I witnessed my own son’s similar struggle.  One of the comments I received on this earlier post was from my blogger friend, Fransi over at 365 asking if I was familiar with the concept of “design thinking”.  Fransi suggested I check out a company, IDEO, a design and innovation-consulting firm, who have taken the concept of design thinking and translated it into the classroom. Here’s a blurb on the process of design thinking:

The design thinking process is…

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4 thoughts on “Design Thinking – Breaking The Mold

    • Agreed. It was always thought Confidence=Success. This video shows the whole equation Confidence+Creativity=Success

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