Assessment of Learning in a Digital Age

MJR Learning Consutlancy

Understanding more about the close relationship between assessment, feedback and effective learning is the first step towards assessment practices that empower rather than inhibit learning. Technology offers a new perspective through which this relationship can be explored.  Effective Assessment in a Digital Age (2010)

JISC opening statement cites the work of a number of educationists for the justified use of assessment because of the “relationship between learning, assessment and feedback” becoming “more widely understood over the last decade”. (JISC e-Learning Team, 2010)

Recognising that a learning program that encompasses the use of self monitoring and self regulation  is the way forward,  giving a greater depth and more effective learning and that the use of technology will play an important role in that. The latter being facilitated by the greater ownership of laptops, tablet and handhelds. (JISC e-Learning Team, 2010)

Justification for the enhancement of assessment and feedback was initiated by a…

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