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Welcome gamers and players,

just my 2 cents on a question I really care:

someone says that, by playing, things can go better. I agreed. It is, indeed, often used in a “dumb” way: do, playing, what you have to do, in real life.

I disagree. I strongly disagree. You cannot create a game to teach recycling, and think that’s enough to bring people to recycle in their day-by-day life. It can happen only under precise condition, about some kind of activities.
For example, if a dangerous behaviour is related to some missing information, a game that brought this info will works well to change attitude of gamers.

On the other side, if it will be possible to influence deep a player by games… well, hysteria about violence in video game will make sense. If doing something in fiction make easier do the same in real world, concern on video…

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