Session 9 Games and Simulations

Online Learning

  1. Define the terms “Game” and “Simulation” as they relate to eLearning.

In eLearning games and simulations are used as tools to encourage learning first, and then add an entertainment element second. A game in eLearning is a simulation that can be thought of as a personally challenging task. It provides immediate feedback to the student, and is usually not scored. The student can test a procedure, for example, a task presented by software. The feedback can guide the learner in a task. By not scoring the attempts, students are encouraged to keep trying if they do not succeed the first time.

2. What are the key characteristics of a Simulation?

Simulations are tasks that look more realistic. An example I can think of, is a dissection of a pig’s heart as a computer generated program. A student could use a virtual scalpel and dissect it. In a simulation, a student…

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